Thursday, January 6, 2011

New look

I am in love with this scarf from Lion Brand! It uses Tweed Stripes yarn, which I haven't heard of or seen before... However, the name is making me go, "Yipes! Stripes! Tweed Stripes Yarn!"

If you aren't a child of the 80s and/or don't remember the commercials for Fruit Stripes Gum, you probably won't get that one...

Some of you may have noticed I'm trying to create a new layout here... I imagine it will be changing a lot, so please bear with me, all two of you ;)

I think a name change may be coming, too. I'd like to set up my own domain, and I know would never be available ;)  I may go with Hello Ashy! Thoughts? Opinions?  I had a website years ago named that, so thinking I may go back to it.

Hope you all are enjoying 2011 so far :)

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