Monday, October 11, 2010

Ho ho ho... and glass etching

Yes, I changed to a Christmas layout. I'm just not feeling fall this year, and since most of what I'm working on is Christmas gifts...

And speaking of which... this year I've been inspire to try some glass etching. I used the Armour Etch cream you can get at the craft store. Mine came from Michael's, 12.99 for a little jar of the stuff, but I used a 40% off coupon on it,

I was inspired to try it by some posts I saw on Craftster. Originally, I started using stencils I cut out from contact paper. This, however, did not work out too well. It was hard to get them to lie flat on the curvy glass, and I had a lot of bleeding in the designs. So, then I tried an alternative idea I saw on Craftster... fabric paint! Yes, the puffy stuff you use to paint horrible designs on clothing ;) You just lay your design on the opposite side of the glass and go over the edges with the paint. Once dry, you have a nifty little containment field for your etching cream. Unfortunately, I tend to have a bit of a shakey hand, but these still turned out better than my contact paper attempts.

The etching is a little hard to see, so I apologize. This first set has the University of Kentucky logo. These will be a Christmas gift for my uncle. Think I'm going back to Kentucky for a visit home soon (UGH, plane ride...), so these will probably go in my carry-on... the less I have to ship the better.

These are for Tom. He's been playing World of Warcraft for years, and has an affinity for the side known as the Horde, and this is their logo. He plays the opposing faction (Alliance) with me right now, but I know he is Horde at heart ;P 

The glasses I picked up at Walmart. About $9 for a set of 16! Cheaper than Dollar Tree, where I went first. I ruined 4 of the big ones trying the contact paper stencils... so I'm left with 4 small ones. Not sure what I will do with those yet! I was thinking some Harry Potter glasses for Tom's mom, but we will see.

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