Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stockings for me, stockings for you...

You have a stocking, I'll have one too... Yes, we've gone CRAZY! So hurry down to Ashy's Stocking Emporium and get your stocking today! Stocking stocking stocking....

*ahem*... Right. So, for those of you that may not know but care to hear, I recently divorced and had to leave my house and get rid of a lot of my things. Me, the insane Christmas lover that I am, was understandably feeling rather grinchy when this all happened, and a lot of my Christmas stuff ended up going. This included the stockings of myself and my kitteh, the eebil Bondinator. Yes... he still gets a stocking, even though he is eebil. Even eebil kittehs need Christmas presents. Plus I have a new boyfriend, Tom, with smaller, younger, rapscallion kitteh, Zoe. Rapscallion kittehs definitely need Christmas presents, in a vain attempt to control their mischief-making. So, this meant I needed me some stockings.

Enter McCall's 4990, "Stocking B" variety.

Tom isn't big into Christmas, so I wanted sort of a fun, cute print for him- something that would seem sort of guy-ish. This was what I came up with. Lined with bright red cotton.

The poinsettias print is really pretty. It may be hard to tell in the picture, but the style has a very retro 50s sort of feel to it, in my opinion. I made two in this print - one for me and one for my mom. Lined with olive green cotton.

All fabrics came from Hancock's, just in case anyone fancies them. I used iron-on interfacing to give them some body. The pattern called for sew-in, but I had iron-on on hand.

I can count on one hand the number of patterns I've sewn from in my life (unless you count my own hand-drawn ones), and this had me pulling my sewing machine out of the closet after a good 4 years on the shelf, so I'm by no means a great seamstress. Given that, my saying these were quick and easy should mean something to you ;)  I did have some issues with the cuffs being a little big and not knowing where to bunch up the excess, but that is about it. I'm already thinking about making stockings for everyone else on my list.

So Tom and I (and my mom) were taken care of... but what about kittehs!?!? Enter paw print clip art, enlarged and printed out, to serve as my pattern.

The colors on Bond's were just NOT camera friendly. Also, I'm not very camera friendly... at least not indoors. Bond's name is actually embroidered in green.

These quite honestly were a bit of a disaster. I was a space cadet the entire time I worked on them. I wanted to hang them from the base of the paw, not the toes, but I embroidered the names the wrong way. And then I got so caught up in sewing that I sewed them completely shut and had to pull out the seam ripper. I sewed Zoe's together before I sewed the paw pads on the outside... etc. Finally done, though, and just a little worse for wear. They will hold some nice furry mice and jingle balls, and maybe... if they are extra good (ha... HAHAHA!!!), Santa will leave some catnip!

If I wanted to stuff Zoe's with her favorite toys, I'd put in a ball of yarn, twill tape, embroidery floss, small scissors, and steel wool... she's a little klepto, stealing all my craft supplies! As I said, rapscallion kitteh!

Spell check does not believe that "kitteh" is a word... the nerve!

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