Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Acrylic paint, how I love thee...

 Let me count the ways. You can paint on wood, on canvas, on other types of cloth, on clay, and on clothes. These are the things I've done recently, anyway. Quite a bang for my buck (or less), I'd say.

My latest endeavor was using acrylics and fabric medium in order to paint some designs on t-shirts. I did freezer paper stenciling, an idea which I got off of Craftster.org. I was going to link the original tutorial, but now I can't find it! Basically, you use an exacto to make a stencil out of freezer paper, and then you iron it on to your shirt (or other surface). The freezer paper is waxy on one side, so the waxy side faces down and adheres to your surface. Then you can fill in the cut out parts with pain (mixed with fabric medium).

These are my first two attempts at doing it.
The one at the top is for Tom. We both love The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga! is what the character Sheldon says, when he thinks he's one-upped someone =) Tom has commented on wanting one of the official "BAZINGA!" shirts from the show. I decided I'd try to make one instead. I used the font Badaboom, and drew the lightning bolt myself in GIMP.

The second one is for my uncle. I'm still not sure how I feel about how this turned out. It's SUPPOSED to be a Ford Mustang, which I do think you can tell... but it's not as nice as I was hoping. I used a piece of clip art for this one. It may just not have been the best piece to use for something like this.

I just finished the painting today. They've been heat set with an iron. Now, I just need to wait 7 days (according to the fabric medium) and then I can try washing them. I'm anxious to see if they survive, and if the texture of the paint softens up a little bit. After the $ I spent on blank t-shirts, fabric medium, and a roll of freezer paper, I probably could have just bought the freakin' Bazinga shirt.... but at least now I have plenty of paper to make more stencils, and plenty of fabric medium.

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TJ said...

These look completely professional to me. You're totally brave to try the washing cycle. Hope it holds up, I'll cross fingers... or as they say in Deutschland, "press the thumbs!"